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Dependable Home


Get Policies Built to Address Your Individual Situation

It doesn't matter whether you own your home or rent your place - you have a property that can be lost to fire, storm, theft, and an earthquake.


At Anna Huang Insurance Services, we'll help you protect what's yours and ensure you're compensated for the loss of any property or personal possessions.

The secret to good home ownership, of course, is to be prepared for just about anything. However, there are things you can't control and the only prep you can do is to be able to recover through adequate insurance coverage.


We'll see that your policies address your particular situation and don't present any surprises when it's time to file a claim.

  • Personalized homeowner's insurance

  • Renter's insurance policies

  • Specific mobile home and condo plans

  • Personal possession coverage

  • Fire, storm, and theft protection

  • Property owner liability coverage


We also offer earthquake coverage designed to fit your needs here in Southern California.

Ensure All Your Personal Property is Protected​
See Us Now for Same-Day Insurance Services

At Anna Huang Insurance Services, you'll get outstanding services at competitive prices. Our attention to detail extends all the way to help you complete your insurance paperwork accurately!


Call 626-497-1687 now and ask about our first-time customer discount or just come see us at 100 N Citrus Street Suite 610. We welcome walk-in customers.

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